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C. Function and Syntax Index: I – L

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Index Entry Section

icmp-packet-code11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp-packet-ident11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp-packet-sequence11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp-packet-type11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-describe-packet11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-exceeded-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-fill-checksum!11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-fill-echo!11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-message-type->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-parameter-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-redirect-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-router-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-security-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp4-unreach-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp6-describe-packet11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp6-exceeded-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp6-fill-echo!11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp6-message-type->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp6-parameter-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
icmp6-unreach-code->string11.25 rfc.icmp - ICMP packets
identifier->symbol6.9 Identifiers
identifier?6.9 Identifiers
identity-array9.1 gauche.array - Arrays
if4.5 Conditionals
if4.5 Conditionals
ifControl qualifiers
if-car-sxpath11.35.2 SXPath query language
if-let14.6 Binding constructs
if-let14.6 Binding constructs
if-sxpath11.35.2 SXPath query language
imag-part6.3.5 Numerical conversions
import4.11.4 Using modules
inc!4.4 Assignments
inet-address->stringAddress and string conversion
inet-checksum9.17.3 Low-level socket interface
inet-string->addressAddress and string conversion
inet-string->address!Address and string conversion
inexact6.3.5 Numerical conversions
inexact->exact6.3.5 Numerical conversions
inexact?6.3.2 Numerical predicates
infinite?6.3.2 Numerical predicates
inflate-stringMiscellaneous API
inflate-syncOperations on inflating/deflating ports
info9.10 gauche.interactive - Utilities for interactive session
initialize7.3.1 Creating instance
initialize7.3.1 Creating instance
input-port?6.22.3 Common port operations
instance-of9.15 gauche.mop.singleton - Singleton
integer->char6.10 Characters
integer->digit6.10 Characters
integer->list10.16.5 Bit as booleans
integer-length6.3.6 Bitwise operations
integer-length10.16.2 Integer properties
integer-range->char-set10.8.1 Character-set constructors
integer-range->char-set!10.8.1 Character-set constructors
integer-valued?6.3.2 Numerical predicates
integer?6.3.2 Numerical predicates
interaction-environment6.21 Eval and repl
intersperse6.6.4 List accessors and modifiers
iota6.6.3 List constructors
ip-destination-address11.24 rfc.ip - IP packets
ip-header-length11.24 rfc.ip - IP packets
ip-protocol11.24 rfc.ip - IP packets
ip-source-address11.24 rfc.ip - IP packets
ip-version11.24 rfc.ip - IP packets
is-a?6.1 Types and classes
isomorphic?11.50 util.isomorph - Determine isomorphism
iterator->stream11.58 util.stream - Stream library

job-acknowledge-time11.4 control.job - A common job descriptor for control modules
job-finish-time11.4 control.job - A common job descriptor for control modules
job-result11.4 control.job - A common job descriptor for control modules
job-start-time11.4 control.job - A common job descriptor for control modules
job-status11.4 control.job - A common job descriptor for control modules
job-wait11.4 control.job - A common job descriptor for control modules
job?11.4 control.job - A common job descriptor for control modules
join-timeout-exception?9.29.4 Thread exceptions
julian-day->date10.9.4 Date
julian-day->time-monotonic10.9.4 Date
julian-day->time-tai10.9.4 Date
julian-day->time-utc10.9.4 Date

keyword->string6.8 Keywords
keyword?6.8 Keywords
kmp-step10.7.14 Low-level string procedures

lambda4.3 Making Procedures
lappend9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
last6.6.4 List accessors and modifiers
last-ecComprehension macros
last-pair6.6.4 List accessors and modifiers
lazy6.19.1 Delay, force and lazy
lazy-size-of9.4.3 Miscellaneous operations on collection
lcm6.3.4 Arithmetics
lcs11.51 util.lcs - The longest common subsequence
lcs-edit-list11.51 util.lcs - The longest common subsequence
lcs-fold11.51 util.lcs - The longest common subsequence
lcs-with-positions11.51 util.lcs - The longest common subsequence
ldexp6.3.5 Numerical conversions
least-fixnum6.3.4 Arithmetics
length6.6.4 List accessors and modifiers
length+6.6.4 List accessors and modifiers
let4.6 Binding constructs
let4.8 Iteration
let10.4 srfi-5 - A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
let10.4 srfi-5 - A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
let10.4 srfi-5 - A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
let*4.6 Binding constructs
let*-values10.6 srfi-11 - Let-values
let-argsHigh-level API
let-keywords6.18.4 Optional argument parsing
let-keywords6.18.4 Optional argument parsing
let-keywords*6.18.4 Optional argument parsing
let-keywords*6.18.4 Optional argument parsing
let-optionals*6.18.4 Optional argument parsing
let-optionals*6.18.4 Optional argument parsing
let-string-start+end10.7.14 Low-level string procedures
let-syntax5.1 Hygienic Macros
let-values10.6 srfi-11 - Let-values
let/cc6.18.7 Continuations
let14.6 Binding constructs
letrec4.6 Binding constructs
letrec-syntax5.1 Hygienic Macros
lfilter9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
lfilter-map9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
library-exists?6.23.5 Operations on libraries
library-fold6.23.5 Operations on libraries
library-for-each6.23.5 Operations on libraries
library-has-module?6.23.5 Operations on libraries
library-map6.23.5 Operations on libraries
list6.6.3 List constructors
list*6.6.3 List constructors
list->char-set10.8.1 Character-set constructors
list->char-set!10.8.1 Character-set constructors
list->f16vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->f32vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->f64vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->generator9.8.1 Generator constructors
list->integer10.16.5 Bit as booleans
list->queue11.53 util.queue - Queue
list->s16vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->s32vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->s64vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->s8vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->stream11.58 util.stream - Stream library
list->string6.12.7 String utilities
list->sys-fdset6.25.10 I/O multiplexing
list->u16vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->u32vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->u64vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->u8vector9.31.2 Uvector conversion operations
list->vector6.14 Vectors
list-copy6.6.3 List constructors
list-ecComprehension macros
list-indexList searching
list-ref6.6.4 List accessors and modifiers
list-tabulateList constructors
list-tail6.6.4 List accessors and modifiers
list=List predicates
list?6.6.2 List predicates
listener-read-handlerListener API
listener-show-promptListener API
lmap9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
lmap-accum9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
load6.23.1 Loading Scheme file
load-bundle!Bundle preparation
load-from-port6.23.1 Loading Scheme file
localized-templateRetrieving localized message
log6.3.4 Arithmetics
log6.3.4 Arithmetics
log-default-drain9.13 gauche.logger - User-level logging
log-format9.13 gauche.logger - User-level logging
log-format9.13 gauche.logger - User-level logging
log-open9.13 gauche.logger - User-level logging
log2-binary-factors10.16.2 Integer properties
logand6.3.6 Bitwise operations
logand10.16.1 Bitwise operators
logbit?6.3.6 Bitwise operations
logbit?10.16.3 Bit within word
logcount6.3.6 Bitwise operations
logcount10.16.2 Integer properties
logior6.3.6 Bitwise operations
logior10.16.1 Bitwise operators
lognot6.3.6 Bitwise operations
lognot10.16.1 Bitwise operators
logtest6.3.6 Bitwise operations
logtest10.16.1 Bitwise operators
logxor6.3.6 Bitwise operations
logxor10.16.1 Bitwise operators
lrxmatch9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
lset-adjoin10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-diff+intersection10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-diff+intersection!10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-difference10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-difference!10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-intersection10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-intersection!10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-union10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-union!10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-xor10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset-xor!10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset<=10.2.2 Lists as sets
lset=10.2.2 Lists as sets
lstate-filter9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
ltake9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
ltake-while9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities
lunfold9.11 gauche.lazy - Lazy sequence utilities

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