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12.58 slib - SLIB interface

Module: slib

This module is the interface to the Aubrey Jaffer’s SLIB. To use SLIB, say (use slib). SLIB itself is not included in Gauche distribution. If you don’t have it on your system, get it from

By default, the SLIB installation is searched from the directory specified at the Gauche configuration. If SLIB isn’t there, an error is signaled. In that case, you can set the environment variable SCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the SLIB installation path.

This module redefines require, shadowing the Gauche’s original require. If it gets a symbol as an argument, it works as SLIB’s require, while if it gets a string, it works as Gauche’s require. The same applies to provide and provided?.

All SLIB symbol bindings, loaded by require, stay in the module slib.

NB: SLIB probes available srfis during initialization, and by the way it does so, all available srfis are loaded, regardless of whether you require it or not. This may introduce unexpected side effects; for example, Gauche’s built-in regexp-replace is shadowed by srfi.115’s one (see scheme.regex - R7RS regular expressions), which has slightly different API.

(use slib)         ; load and set up slib
(require 'getopt)  ; load SLIB’s getopt module
(require "foo")    ; load Gauche’s foo module

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