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11.46 srfi.196 - Range objects

Module: srfi.196

This srfi defines range object, an abstract immutable sequence.

Gauche’s data.range module provides superset of srfi.196. This module re-exports the following procedures from it for the portable code. See data.range - Range, for the description of the procedures.

range              numeric-range         iota-range
vector-range       string-range          range-append
range?             range=?               range-length
range-ref          range-first           range-last
range-split-at     subrange              range-segment
range-take         range-take-right
range-drop         range-drop-right
range-count        range-any             range-every
range-map          range-map->list       range-map->vector
range-for-each     range-filter-map      range-filter-map->list
range-filter       range-filter->list
range-remove       range-remove->list
range-fold         range-fold-right      range-reverse
range-index        range-index-right
range-take-while   range-take-while-right
range-drop-while   range-drop-while-right
range->list        range->vector         range->string
vector->range      range->generator

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