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11.16 srfi.66 - Octet vectors

Module: srfi.66

This module defines procedures to deal with u8vectors; they are almost a subset of srfi.160 and gauche.uvector (see Uniform vectors, except one procedure, u8vector-copy!, which has different argument orders (unfortunate historical artifacts).

There’s no reason to use this srfi except porting code that relies on srfi.66.

The following procedures are the same as gauche.uvector:

u8vector?       make-u8vector      u8vector
u8vector->list  list->u8vector
u8vector-length u8vector-ref       u8vector-set!
u8vector=?      u8vector-compare   u8vector-copy
Function: u8vector-copy! src sstart target tstart n

[SRFI-66]{srfi.66} Copy the content of an u8vector src, starting from sstart for n octets, into an u8vector target beginning from tstart. The target u8vector must be mutable.

Note that gauche.uvector has also u8vector-copy!, but its argument order is as follows, where send is (+ sstart n):

(u8vector-copy! target tstart src sstart send)

Gauche’s argument order is consistent with vector-copy! of R7RS, SRFI-43 and SRFI-133.

We recommend to use srfi.66 only for porting third-party libraries to avoid confusion.

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